Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where we got our name...

Emry Taylor was born at 29 weeks gestation, via emergency c-section, due to IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction). The doctors were unsure as to why she wasn't growing, as she was the size of a 24 weeker, weighing 1lb 3oz and 11 and 3/4 in long. They all said IF she were to live she would have no quality of life whatsoever. She would more than likely have several complications and may never talk or walk or laugh. We were given no hope. When our baby girl came out breathing on her own, that's when we knew that God had a plan for this child. The doctors were amazed! Most babies born prematurely are intubated, which means they have a tube running into their lungs to basically breath for them. In most cases this is due to the babies lungs not being developed enough to breath by themselves. Our sweet Emry was not only alive but she was breathing ALL ON HER OWN! God is good! Hummingbird Foundation's name was inspired by a letter my husband wrote the night after Emry was born. As we both tossed and turned in my hospital room, counting the hours and praying that she continue to do well, I remember looking over and seeing Jeff writing away in on of the notebooks we had used to keep score of all the card games we had played while being monitored at UAMS for the 4 days prior to Emry's birth. No words were spoken but I knew he was pouring his heart into those pieces of paper... Below is a excerpt from his letter:
2:05am 3/23 "I distinctly remember the Dr telling us when they brought Emry into the recovery room, a few minutes after she was delivered, that they were going to give her some "sugar water". I remember thinking to myself that she was "eating" like a hummingbird. That is what we always fed hummingbirds when I was a kid. I remember thinking what a nickname that would be for little Emry, if she made it. Our little hummingbird....." The hummingbird and Emry really are not that different. She was doing things doctors were saying shouldn't be possible, she was just too weak, to small, to fragile just as scientists once believed that it was scientifically impossible for a hummingbird to fly. It's amazing what can happen once God is in control! "..............I feel like God is saying, "go ahead, and make your lists of things she can't do because she is just to small, to young, to premature, to whatever! Make your list of all that she just can't do. When you have all the medical information calculated and put together in a prognosis for this little angel, and you are ready to write her off as just to small to do any of these things, that's when I'll step in and say 'I know you say she CAN'T, but let me put my hand on her and then you can watch this little hummingbird fly." To learn more about the Hummingbird Foundation and upcoming events and fundraisers please become a fan on FACEBOOK.


  1. This is amazing! Such a blessing sweet Emry girl is to us and everyone! We love you all more than you will ever know and we are so very proud of Emry!