Sunday, October 26, 2014

Introducing Tiny Hummingbirds!

Big news for a group that helps tiny babies and their families! The Hummingbird Foundation is now Tiny Hummingbirds, an official non-profit organization. We've been hard at work this year, going through all the paperwork to be recognized as a non-profit.  As part of that process, our lawyer advised us to change our name. So here we are, the same organization you love, now known as Tiny Hummingbirds!

Being a non-profit opens many doors, including that we are now eligible to apply for many grants. This is good news for our supporters, too: your donations to Tiny Hummingbirds are now tax-deductible!

We're at work on the 2015 Calendar.  The photo shoot was over the weekend, and we are still smiling from seeing all those little cuties! The smiles are so sweet, and the stories of these mighty little kiddos will melt your heart. It is such an honor to work with families who have been through so much, and who are now eager to help other families going through a similar journey.

We're expecting the calendars by mid-November, and soon we'll be taking orders online.  Check back, or follow us on Facebook.  Meanwhile, if you know of a retail location that would be interested in carrying the calendars, please email us!

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